Zero Mile Stone Nagpur

Zero Mile Stone Nagpur – one of the key monuments in Nagpur and one of the most visited places in the city. It is located near the Gowari Shahid Memorial and on the way towards Reserve Bank Of India. It is not clear about the exact period of its construction. However, there is another stone near the monument that has 1907 mentioned along with its elevation details. In parallel to this, it is said that British built the Zero Mile Stone during the Great Trigonometrical Survey (GTS) of India in 1907. The GTS survey was carried out to measure the length and breadth of colonial India (total area under British Rule before Independence).

Zero Mile Stone - Nagpur, India - AllAboutNagpur
Zero Mile Stone – Nagpur, India

The structure of the stone is made of Sandstone, and it consist of a circular base with 7.90 meters diameter. On top of this circular base, a hexagonal column is built which is around 6.5 meters in height. Each side of column is having 1 meter of width.

The popular belief about this is that it is the geographical center of India. But since there is no such evidence which proves this claim. Even with such unclear points it is a key place to visit when travelling around the city.

The place is around 2kms from Nagpur Railway Station and will take around 5-10 mins by any means. No fees or pass is required to visit this place and unfortunately it is one of the most significant yet neglected monument.

Nagpur Railway station to Zero Mile Stone Nagpur
Nagpur Railway station to Zero Mile Stone Nagpur

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