Nagpur lockdown relaxation from 7th June 2021

Nagpur lockdown relaxation from 7th June 2021 – Government of Maharashtra under ‘Break the Chain‘ order on 5th June 2021 has given the instructions to give relaxation from lockdown across the state. It will be in accordance with 5-level criteria depending on COVID-19 positivity rate and availability of oxygen beds in the districts.¬†Government of Maharashtra requested each districts to consider the situation and roll out the regulations for each district.

In response to the order, Municipal Commissioner of Nagpur Mr. Radhakrishnan B has issued the new guidelines for Nagpur lockdown relaxation from 7th June 2021. These guidelines are subject to undergo revision on weekly basis depending on the situation.

Guidelines as per Nagpur Municipal Corporation Order No. 49/COVID-19/2021 Dated 06-June-2021

1Shops/Establishments dealing with essential itemsTill 5:00 pm
2Shops/Establishments dealing with non-essential itemsTill 5:00 pm
3Malls (and shops within)Till 5:00 pm
4Theatres (Multiplex/Single Screens/Natyagruha etc)with 50% capacity,
be closed by 5:00pm
5RestaurantsDining till 10:00 pm,
with 50% capacity
6Local trainsRegular
7Public places, grounds, walk/walking streets, Cycling5:00 am – 9:00 am,
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
8Private officesTill 5:00 pm
9Office attendance (including government offices)100% (till 5:00 pm)
10Sports (outdoors)5:00 am – 9:00 am,
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
11Shooting (movies, TVs, etc)Regular
12Gatherings (Social, Cultural, Entertainment) and MarriagesWith 50% capacity or
max 100 persons
whichever is low
13FuneralsMaximum 50 persons
14Meetings/Elections-GB of Local bodies/Co-operative bodiesOnline
16AgricultureTill 5:00 pm
17E-Commerce-Items along with servicesRegular
18Gym, Salon, Beauty Centers, SPA, Wellness CentersTill 5:00 pm
19Public transport buses100%, without standing
20Cargo movement (max 3 persons drivers/helpers/cleaners/other)Regular
21Inter district travel (private Cars/Taxis/Buses/Trains)Regular. (Except if passing through
or any stoppage in level 5 area.
Will need E-pass in such case)
NMC Order No. 49/COVID-19/2021 Dated 06-June-2021

Please follow the guidelines and rules, wear a mask, use sanitizers and stay safe.

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